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Get value of the certain tile position in Map Collision

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Hello alekmaul,

I am created my Routine for get Map Collision, I need to know what is the value a certain tile, for exemple, i having one Map Collision with Width 256 and Heigth 512 and genarate my Collision Map, your name is definide as &mapcol for this imagem, i liked get value of 14º tile and return if is 1st or 2st tile becouse Map Collision has only 2 tiles.

--- Citer --- shot valueOfTile;

 valueOfTile = &mapcol / (13); //13st tile, return 1 or 1st Tile
 valueOfTile = &mapcol / (14); //14st tile, Return 1 or 1st Tile
 valueOfTile = &mapcol / (15); //15st tile, Return 2 or 2st Tile
 valueOfTile = &mapcol / (16); //16st tile, Return 2 or 2st Tile
 valueOfTile = &mapcol / (17); //17st tile, Return 1 or 1st Tile
 valueOfTile = &mapcol / (18); //18st tile, Return 2 or 2st Tile


--- Fin de citation ---

I don't understand what you want to do.
If you need value of 14° tile of your 1 line, you just need to do valueOfTile=mapcol[14], why are you usigned & for address of mapcol ?
If it is value of 14° tile of 2nd line, it's mapcol[14*256] if you have a short type for mapcol, and so on ...

Yes I know, &mapcol  is one address and not usigned, this example is not correct, i am showing one possible solution for my problem, but lets go, my problem is Collision Map,I can not understand how it works, my backgrounds has 512px / 756px, this is one example below, i think this function is valid for my imagem, but dont working.

--- Code: ---u16 checkMapCol(short OBJX, short OBJY, u8 *mapCol){
        //512 pixel width 512/8 = 64
        //768 pixel height -> 768/8 = 96     
u16 *ptrMap = (u16 *) &mapCol +  (OBJY>>3)*64 + (OBJX>>3)*96;

return (*ptrMap);

--- Fin du code ---

Original image:

That's the only problem I could not solve yet and i need your help for this.

Well, your problem is with the coordinates.
I think you must only have
--- Citer ---  //512 pixel width 512/8 = 64
   u16 *ptrMap = (u16 *) &mapCol +  (OBJY>>3)*64 + (OBJX>>3);

--- Fin de citation ---
X does not need to be multiply by height

Also, try to use u16 instead of short, short is signed and is bad for SNES (your u8 for mapcol is correct).

I try this but dont working, honestly I have no idea what's going on can. this would be a good challenge for you, take this my image and try with your code. I am using map with SC_64x32, X maximum 512pixel and Y 756, vram is update and only Y axis.


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