SOLVED - Background Priority Bit (Tiles With Priority in background)

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Hello alekmaul,

I have this problem in my initial studies and whait becouse this is not important in moment, i soluvied all problems for my game but the only one persister, this Background Priority, i need with the background layer in mode 1:

"Front" < BG3, BG2, SPRITES, BG1 > "Behind"

I control individual layers perfectly in VRAM, i developed my implementation for show dialog for texts in BG3 its it work very good because I have had problem with native consoleDrawText() in BG3.

My view structure is thus:

<Front Screen>
BG3 -> Here Dialog texts (I need set bit priority for 1, default is 0)
BG2 -> Here will be for example, leaf of trees, to create depth effect for the sprite (I need set bit priority for 1, default is 0)
OBJ -> Are all sprites (The priority i set in 2 and working becouse is native in function OamSet)
BG1 -> Here all background for my map (the bit priority default is 0, so no need to do anything)

From what I read this is possible becouse i see in the official documentation as provided by Nintendo in the page 214, this point talk about this simply to set priorities so:
BG3 -> priority 1
BG2 -> priority 1
OBJ -> priority 2
BG1 -> priority 0

I see too in No$sns in Vram Viewer in tabs individual BGs i see filder "Priority".

Talking with KungFuFurby he also commented that:
CitationThis is how you get that type of arrangement (if I interpreted 's background priority chart correctly)

I need set this priority flag, this should be done with graphics (gfx2snes) converter correct?


Sorry  :-[ i did not read the documentation of gfx2snes, just use the parameter -mp (Convert the whole picture with high priority) and the graphic is convert with high priority.  ;D


And sorry for the lack of reply, I was very busy last weeks :(.
Nice to see that you solved your problem.
Don't hesitate to query some new feature for gfx2snes !