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My both picture files have the name "sprites.bmp". Here I changed the name to "sprites8x8" and "sprites32x32". The forum doesn't accept "bmp" files, so I have converted them to "png".
well, send me your bmp file, i will check if colors are OK, because you must have a 16 colors palette but your bmp file must be a 256 colors file (so yes, colors #17 ..255 are useless).
In fact, all the colors of my pictures are wrong.

I think I don't know how to change the line 65 of Makefile to make the right conversion of images of 8x8 pixels and 32x32 pixels...

Original "Makefile" (line 65)
$(GFXCONV) -gs16 -pc16 -po16 -n $<

As I have written before, I have only changed the first argument (-gs16 changed to -gs8 and -gs32) of $(GFXCONV) in Makefile.

Please, what should I do? Should I make other changes besides Makefile?
Are you sure that transparent color is first color of your palette ?
I'm trying to convert "AnimatedSprite" project. The original project uses sprites with 16x16 pixels. I would like to make a new version using sprites with 8x8 (project "AnimatedSprite8x8") and another new version using sprites with 32x32 (project "AnimatedSprite32x32").

The original file "AnimatedSprite.c" can be seen at:

I have copied all the files of the original project to the other two new projects.

But there are some differences:

- The file "AnimatedSprite.c" was renamed: "AnimatedSprite8x8.c" and "AnimatedSprite32x32.c"

- The dimensions of the original file image ("sprites.bmp") are: 16x144 pixels. The new versions of this files have the following dimensions: 8x72 pixels (for AnimatedSprite8x8) and 32x288 (for AnimatedSprite32x32).

Then, I have changed some lines of the code:

AnimatedSprite.c (line 39)
char sprTiles[9]={0,2,4, 6,8,10, 12,14,32};  // Remeber that sprites are interleave with 128 pix width,
AnimatedSprite8x8.c (line 39)
char sprTiles[9]={0,1,2, 3,4,5, 6,7,8};
AnimatedSprite32x32.c (line 39)
char sprTiles[9]={0,4,8, 12,64,68, 72,76,128};

AnimatedSprite.c (line 50)
oamInitGfxSet(&gfxpsrite, (&gfxpsrite_end-&gfxpsrite), &palsprite, 0, 0x4000, OBJ_SIZE16);
AnimatedSprite8x8.c (line 50)
oamInitGfxSet(&gfxpsrite, (&gfxpsrite_end-&gfxpsrite), &palsprite, 0, 0x4000, OBJ_SIZE8);
AnimatedSprite32x32.c (line 50)
oamInitGfxSet(&gfxpsrite, (&gfxpsrite_end-&gfxpsrite), &palsprite, 0, 0x4000, OBJ_SIZE32);

More changes in Makefile...

Makefile - AnimatedSprite (lines 63 to 65)
sprites.pic: sprites.bmp
@echo convert bitmap ... $(notdir $@)
$(GFXCONV) -gs16 -pc16 -po16 -n $<

Makefile - AnimatedSprite8x8 (lines 63 to 65)
sprites.pic: sprites.bmp
@echo convert bitmap ... $(notdir $@)
$(GFXCONV) -gs8 -pc16 -po16 -n $<

Makefile - AnimatedSprite32x32 (lines 63 to 65)
sprites.pic: sprites.bmp
@echo convert bitmap ... $(notdir $@)
$(GFXCONV) -gs32 -pc16 -po16 -n $<

When I run "AnimatedSprite8x8" and "AnimatedSprite32x32" the joystick moves the character, but the transparency effect does NOT work. The character is inside a visible square area.

Please, what have I forgotten?
My code for rpg is very large and you take a long time to understand but if one day you're curious about some of my routines I can send to you brother.

I go creat new code for exemple Mode1Scroll with sprites using my engine based for we working in colission and you can post in the future realeases of exemples in lib. Anyway I want to give my contribution :)
faeldaniel, no i'm not working like that.
I did an example with mario, it works so I did my job.
If you want help, share your code and I will see where it is not ok.
I try this but dont working, honestly I have no idea what's going on can. this would be a good challenge for you, take this my image and try with your code. I am using map with SC_64x32, X maximum 512pixel and Y 756, vram is update and only Y axis.
Well, your problem is with the coordinates.
I think you must only have
  //512 pixel width 512/8 = 64
   u16 *ptrMap = (u16 *) &mapCol +  (OBJY>>3)*64 + (OBJX>>3);
X does not need to be multiply by height

Also, try to use u16 instead of short, short is signed and is bad for SNES (your u8 for mapcol is correct).
Yes I know, &mapcol  is one address and not usigned, this example is not correct, i am showing one possible solution for my problem, but lets go, my problem is Collision Map,I can not understand how it works, my backgrounds has 512px / 756px, this is one example below, i think this function is valid for my imagem, but dont working.

u16 checkMapCol(short OBJX, short OBJY, u8 *mapCol){
        //512 pixel width 512/8 = 64
        //768 pixel height -> 768/8 = 96     
u16 *ptrMap = (u16 *) &mapCol +  (OBJY>>3)*64 + (OBJX>>3)*96;

return (*ptrMap);

Original image:

That's the only problem I could not solve yet and i need your help for this.
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