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Citation de: faeldaniel le 14 Juillet 2013 à 05:33:40
alekmaul not yet started their studies this point however how to adapt this function that you used in the LikeMario for bg collision of 512px X 512px?

u16 getCollisionTile(u16 x, u16 y) {
u16 *ptrMap = (u16 *) &mapcol + (y>>3)*300 + (x>>3);

return (*ptrMap);

( Sorry I wasn't very descriptive ) I meant sprite by sprite. I.e., Sprite 1 touches Sprite 2 and Sprite 1 disappears.
PVSnesLib English section / Adding Collision?
10 Juillet 2013 à 22:28:31
I've been trying to figure out how to add collision to your game from quite awhile. I've tried, but most of the time failed. Anyone have any suggestions?